There is a good old saying that says an apple a day keeps the doctor away – and for good reason, I’m sure. I believe that a moment a day is what really does the trick.

We have more, do more, see more, experience more and know more than ever before. More is more and yet nothing ever seems enough. Not only do we have more, but we continue to need more, or is it want more – hard to tell the difference after a while.

In 2016 we moved into a new home, and of course the renovations and bigger space were very exciting, but the most liberating part was getting rid of everything we didn’t need. We cleared and culled as we packed up the old house, and again as we unpacked our new home. The reality is that we need much less than we think.

I believe that if we don’t consciously make a decision to not be consumed by more, that it is exactly what we are – consumed – not able to see the wood for the trees in the world of more.

And more is not only stuff, it is also the information, screens and experiences that are always available to keep us occupied – because god forbid if we actually just ‘be’ every once in a while. Every moment must count, remember.

One of the best lines I’ve ever heard is that we are human beings, not human doings – but the irony is that we spend very little time just being, and most of our time doing.

So in the light of bringing being back, I look forward to stop and find a moment in my everyday life that touches me in some way. And the key here is everyday life – thanks to social media society has become fake and attention seeking, always trying to be perfect. What’s wrong with finding a beautiful moment in an ordinary day – without it being highly styled or cool or filtered in some way?

Raise a glass to finding beauty, inspiration and heartwarming moments in real life every day for the next year. My motto for 2017 will be – a moment a day to keep doing at bay.

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