The Muizenberg beaches generally crawl with people as it is the warmer side of Cape Town. Now crowded spaces with lots of people would not typically be my thing. Generally, my idea of a perfect break would be a spot away from the hustle and bustle – add no wi-fi or television reception, and I’m even happier.

With everything being within walking distance, it was indeed our destination of choice this summer holiday, giving our teenage children easy access to the action. So no taxi driving for me, and lots of time to relax and do what I enjoy.

The morning walk to Kalk Bay Harbour with a coffee stop on the other side is a particular favourite, and a swim in the ocean and some time soaking up the rays with the kids upon my return.

This particular beach is very unique, a great leveller in a way. With the waters being a swimmable temperature it attracts people from all over. All walks of life lay their towels next to each other in the sand, not caring who the neighbour may be.

When I close my eyes, I hear the shrills and shrieks of little kids playing in the shallow water, mothers cheering, people laughing, the waves crushing, sea gulls calling from above, ice cream sellers ringing their bells and I can’t help but have a smile on my face.

I open my eyes and see white and black and all shades in between all being touched by the same thing and it all feels good to be a part of this hustle and bustle, this business that I would normally avoid. I feel as if we are all connected, all the same.




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