Today, 11 years ago in a windy Las Vegas, Grant and I tied the knot at a rather unceremonious event. It was just the two of us, wed by Pastor Buddy Yates with the mandatory witness sitting at the back of the oldest chapel in town.

The trip started off as a holiday in Los Angeles, followed by the big wedding in Las Vegas, finished off by honeymooning in San Francisco and Paris. We shared our big news with parents and loved ones shortly before our departure, but as this life changing decision was made very suddenly, I think it was with nervous excitement that we were wished well and sent off.

Not only was the decision made quickly, but also considered very little. I’m not usually the type that agonises over something before I come to a conclusion, but this one was totally left to gut – it just felt right.

Being wife number two brought along its own set of complications, and no matter what you think, nothing can prepare you for the realities of an instant family. Then of course there is the flip side too – the moments where you are so thrilled you can’t believe your own luck.

I treasure being witness to each other’s lives through the good times and the bad, having someone who knows the worst version of me and still manages to love me, getting an honest opinion with the bigger picture in mind and being able to share every aspect of the emotional spectrum.

To my beautiful husband, you fill my life with colour. You are a unique individual and keeps me on my toes. I feel loved and adored and can’t tell you enough what you mean to me.

Thank you and I love you.

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