This morning I woke up in a bit of a panic. Having had absolutely nothing planned for the day, I wondered if I perhaps bit off more than I could chew by committing to find and share a moment everyday – what if some days were just more of the same.

I decided on a different route for the walk to Kalk Bay. A quaint little path decorated with Bougainvillaea zig zagged up the mountain to Boyes Drive and from the top, the views of all things familiar were given a fresh perspective.

Upon my return, I noticed a lady on the rocks playing a brass instrument in harmony with the crushing waves of the sea. I wandered over and listened to the beautiful sounds she shared with anyone willing to listen.

Not having ever seen this instrument before, I asked her about it, and was introduced to the Natural Horn – the ancestor of the horn as we know it today. She explained that it only plays the natural notes through the mouthpiece, and that all the notes in between are achieved by manipulating the airflow at the bell with your hand.

It very quickly became apparent that she was a highly qualified musician, working with some top musical geniuses from across the world.

After realising her level of accomplishments, I was humbled by her generosity. Firstly, for playing to an audience who probably had no idea exactly how rare and magnificent the sounds they heard were, and secondly for the enthusiasm with which she shared her very obvious passion.

This beautiful experience reminded me that we are always surrounded by the extraordinary – people and moments – even when nothing is planned. The only requirement is to press pause and see them.

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