Very few things highlight the force of nature quite the way a moody sea does – when the waves come thundering down on the rocks spraying its water meters into the air, one after the other, it is powerful and commanding.

This was the sea I encountered this morning and couldn’t help but be pulled in by its dynamic force – a bit like being drawn to the edge of a cliff. I found a spot and stared out aimlessly over this vast body of restless water.

My mind flitted out with the wind and back again. I wondered about life, love and the meaning of it all. I then imagined all the creatures in the ocean and thought it quite ironic that they were all probably blissfully unaware of the stormy waters they found themselves in, happily going about their business.

It put a smile on my face and I was reminded that there’s no need to fuss over things too much. That we are always exactly where we’re meant to be, encountering exactly  who we’re meant to encounter, doing exactly what we’re meant to do.

And if we actually just relax into this knowledge, we’ll find it easier to bring our full self to the moment at hand instead of trying to create something different altogether.

I am grateful to have been drawn to my spot and to have been included in the conversation between the waves and the wind. It stirred a bit of nostalgia in me but confirmed that everything is exactly right, just the way it is.


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