Today is one of those very fortunate days worth pressing pause for pretty much all of it. Perhaps the fact that it is the last full day of this spectacular holiday has something to do with it, but whatever the reason, I’ll take it.

A number of Cape Fur Seals put on an entertaining display, giving their spectators the full spectrum of life as a seal – from mom baking in the sun to the youngsters performing like acrobats in the water.

The noticeably quieter beach was perfect – not much wind, lovely water temperature and lazy moments of dipping in and out of a beach nap when trying to focus on the pages of my son’s GQ just got too much.

Pop i-tunes onto shuffle and a sing along with the kids to songs we haven’t heard in ages brought along some laughs and interesting dance moves.

Days like these where there is nowhere to be and nothing to do are few and far between, and when they turn out to be happy, fun times with people you love, pressing pause to remember them is essential.






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