Last night both kids stayed over at friends and my husband and I had a rare evening to ourselves. We chose a restaurant with spectacular views over the city and booked early so that we could catch the sunset.

It ended up being a rainy day, taking sunset off the table, so I felt that being a few minutes late wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Being a stickler for time, however, Grant started pacing up and down as I got to the finishing touches and by the time we got into the car, we sped off as if we were on the autobahn with the tension palpable between us.

Teasing him about this later in the evening, his only comeback was that being on time is a part of his DNA – always has been and always will be. We had a lovely evening celebrating our (belated) wedding anniversary and the start of my new business, even with no view to speak of.

In all honesty, it came as no surprise that being on time is important to him – I’ve always known that. I then wondered how hard it would be for me to get ready on time, and the honest answer is that it won’t be difficult at all. All it would be, is a decision which I consciously need to act upon it.

We all have little things that make us tick and I think it is worth exploring the tiny gestures our loved ones would appreciate, and start considering our actions more. I know I would cherish that.

I’m by no means suggesting that we implement this practice to own detriment, but by showing those close to us that we care enough to act upon the things they deem important, ultimately communicates love.

There are of course bigger issues that require more effort, but perhaps if we start with the small considerations, the bigger ones will fall into place a little easier.

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