Much like the Italy part of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, my summer holiday was about eating, being merry and having a good time. Yoga postures and meditation didn’t fit somehow.

It wasn’t a deliberate decision. I just didn’t feel it, and sometimes going with the flow is as important as being on top of things. You have to step a little outside the norm every now and again. Be like – this is not usually me, but it feels good.

Being back in the swing of things, however, it was time to get the yoga mat dusted off this morning.  My sweet Roxy was particularly concerned though that I may have forgotten the essentials, and thought it necessary to demonstrate a few postures – she did particularly well at the downward dog.

After she was finally done, I had a good session of some much needed stretching and quiet time. Even though I was happy to abandon the morning regime of yoga postures followed by meditation for the holidays, I was reminded this morning how much I really do enjoy and benefit from this daily routine.

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