Our bodies act as the physical vehicle through which everything in life is experienced and therefor we actually owe it to ourselves to maintain and care for this vehicle as best we can. This is the philosophy of my incredible, mindful trainer, with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to train with for the past two years.

Being active has always been part of my lifestyle, but through my work with him, I only recently got to understand that there is a very special relationship between the body and the mind. One that needs to be cultivated, because ironically, even though they’re attached, they’re not always in sync.

Learning that training is not only about faster, harder and heavier led me to an incredible path of self discovery. I am stronger and fitter than ever before, but I’m also much more aware when it’s time to take a break. And understand that both are equally important.

This morning I woke up with a beautiful tension – not too much, but undeniably there – after our first session for the year. As I move around today, I am reminded that there is a plethora of activity going on underneath this skin of mine. All of which I’d like to look after as best I can so that I can experience everything life throws my way in full colour.

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