Taking a break is such a privilege – getting away from routines, seeing different places, trying new things and reviving energies. Amazingly, it also gives a fresh perspective on the things we know all to well.

Sleeping in your own bed, using your own bathroom, making a cup of tea in your own kitchen and even driving your own car are greatly appreciated again when it was missing for a while.

Today I had lunch at our coffee shop, where my husband spends an enormous amount of energy creating a fabulous spot with a vibe like few others. Excitedly catching up with everyone, in an overly accustomed space, ordering from a menu I know off by heart from people that have become like family, evoked a feeling of extreme comfort and gratitude.

I have no doubt that routine will soon catch up again, but for now, it is lovely to experience the familiar as if for the first time.

In the words of Dan Brown, sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective  to see something familiar in a totally new light.

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