Eating in good restaurants is one of my most favourite things. When living in London following my student years, being as poor as a church mouse, I considered a meal in a Michelin star restaurant money well spent. I suppose the fact that I earned my pennies working in one, completed the circle.

It’s been quite a while since I had a degustation menu and this evening my husband and I handed our taste buds over in its entirety – and what a treat! We worked our way through a number of small plates carefully curated by a number of chefs visible through an open kitchen, and were delighted with the most delicious taste explosions imaginable.

What made the evening even lovelier, was the sharing of each plate. Discussing the tastes and enjoying the same dish with someone who appreciates food as much as you do adds so much joy to the experience of dining out.

Most of the time, eating is a very functional part of our lives – making sure that we’re up to speed with all the latest trends and super foods.

But sometimes it is lovely to just enjoy and savour every bite because it is delicious, beautiful and a shared experience.

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