An uncontrollable belly laugh, where one laughs so hard that your stomach hurts and tears start streaming down your cheeks, is a rare and beautiful thing.

Of course, trying to share the moment is a complete waste of time – between the hysterical laughter and trying to sum up what happened – which is never funny unless you actually were there – you’d get a polite smile at best.

This morning exactly that happened between a friend and myself. I made a comment and he responded to something that he saw, which in relation to what I said was absolutely hysterical – to us anyway.

For the rest of the morning we could barely look at each other without folding over in half, bursting into giggles.

Having a smile on your face only releases good stuff – that’s for sure. Having a proper belly laugh releases enough of those good things to keep you going for a while. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

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