Raising teenagers is tricky at the best of times. They’re big enough to think they know what they’d like to be and do, but there’s the tiny problem that they still need you to pay for and get to most of these ideas, or should I say ideals.

In my experience the boys are much easier. Even though their thoughts of the world are not entirely in touch with reality, at least they’re pretty straight forward – what you see is what you’re actually dealing with.

The girls, however, are an entirely different kettle of fish. You’re never sure if yes means yes, or if it means no, or if it means no but maybe. What’s hot today is so last season tomorrow, and when you’re asked your thoughts on something, they will go with exactly the opposite.

Today my daughter and I had a conversation in the car that’s become quite typical of us – my opinion was asked, but I  knew full well that she’d already made up her mind about what the outcome should be. When I was met with a – you’re actually right – I had to do a double take, to check if it was me she was speaking to.

Being right is not something that happens often when you’re the parent of a teenager, so these words shot to the top of my moments to remember list in an instant. In fact, I think it will stay on top for a long time to come!

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