One of my indulgences is a massage every second week. It is set in the diary, every second Thursday, for the rest of the year. I was fortunate enough to meet this angel with healing hands, who has since become a dear friend, years ago.

Not only does she do an amazing physical massage, but her connection to the universe and its energies enables guidance and healing to those fortunate enough to be on her client list. She knows how I am even before I say a word, without ever being wrong.

Over the years she’s help me confront demons, made sense of and resolve issues and brought a little understanding of how the universe and her beautiful – and hectic at times – energies works.

This afternoon was my first session for the year, and the message was clear – let go of everything that no longer serves you. Learn from the challenges that cross your path, but then let it go in love and light. This, along with a personal message to keep the momentum going, resonated very deeply.

As my son always teases about our sessions – my chakras are aligned again. And boy, does it feel good.


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