Seeing your children grow from tiny tots into fully-grown young adults continuously puts one into ‘I can’t believe how time flies’ mode. One minute you send a tiny little thing as a small fish into a big pond called high school, and before you know it, he’s the big fish.

Over the years I’ve supported the school and the boys as much as I can, but the inter-house gala remains my favourite event. It is something really special with 1,500 boys gathered around the pool and an atmosphere impossible to describe unless you’re there.

This evening I sat for a moment in silence amidst the chaos of the cheering and remembered clearly the first time I attended this event – I was completely overcome by the size of the school, the spirit of the boys and was incredibly proud to be a part of this culture. Now, everything that we attend is the last and one can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic.

Before we know it will be time to say goodbye to this school that has taken a little boy and turned him into a young man, but for now, I’ll be the enthusiastic parent, cheering my boy along with all his mates who’ve become like brothers over the years for as long as we still belong.


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