A day without too many plans is a good day, and sadly, there aren’t too many of those around.

A beautiful ride with my sister and my niece started today off on a very high note. Being on horseback in nature on an absolutely gorgeous day with people you love is pretty much as good as it gets. The ride was planned, sure, but the rest of the day was wide open.

Normally, I would get home and start doing something meaningful, after having spent the entire morning out and about. We decided, however, on the spur of the moment to extend our being together into a lovely, relaxing lunch.

It didn’t matter that the meal was put together with bits and pieces and that we weren’t dressed up for the occasion. What mattered was the togetherness – the connection. Just hanging out.

This kind of connection feeds our souls, and it is so important to leave space in the day for these unplanned moments, because those are the ones that really turn the magic on.

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