I remember as a kid the house went quiet on Sunday afternoons, time for an afternoon nap. I used to think that it was such a waste of time – pretty much the same way that most kids feel about sleeping in the afternoon.

Now, being an adult myself, I realise that it truly is a fabulous thing. Usually, I work at our coffee shop on Sunday mornings, giving my husband the opportunity to go for a long cycle. I love being there and enjoy catching up with everyone, but it is an early start none the less, and being on your feet takes it out of you.

After closing the shop, it’s family time for us. With my son being in boarding school, he only gets home late on a Saturday afternoon, making Sunday lunch our time together. This weekend he stayed in though, so even though the rest of the family had a lovely lunch, there was no drive to get him back to school.

So there was time for an afternoon nap – and what a treat that was. Hitting that pillow was like I can only imagine arriving in heaven must be like – with angels welcoming you with open arms from the moment you close your eyes.

In fact it was so good, I’m going to try to plan Sundays with these in mind going forward.


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