Waking up to a grey  and drizzly day, one can easily imagine a movie day – cuddling under the duvet on the couch after kids are dropped at school. That’s how this this morning played out in my head.

But that was wishful thinking, really. I eventually settled in front of my computer after a slow start, and ended having a very productive day – with the help of a few cups of coffee, of course.

Ticking things off the to-do list is very rewarding, especially when it’s been dragging for a while. In fact, one gains a bit of momentum once the first tick is made – you just need to get going.

I suppose the saying – there is no better time than now – is very true, and is particularly apt when one feels very lazy and not exactly in the mood. It is actually just like exercise – you never regret that you did it after the fact. So you can just as well get stuck in there and just do it.


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