On this day in 1969, a very special person was born. I only met him much later in life, but from the moment I did, I knew that my life was changed forever.

It was his unconventional viewpoints, strong opinions and infectious laugh that caught my attention – that, as well as his strapping good looks of course.

The way he treats a millionaire exactly the same way as a street sweeper, finds a bit of humour in every situation and pulsates energy the way no-one else I know does are traits that set him apart.

People love him – when he walks into a room it lights up, his laugh can be heard a mile away and somehow, when he’s around things are just cool.

To those close to him – me and the kids – we know a dedication and love that is impossible to describe. The commitment to make our worlds okay relates into a generosity with no boundaries.

We feel completely loved and adored, and on this special day, I would like for my amazing husband to know that he is loved and adored right back and appreciated more than words can say.



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