Eating healthily is something I try my hardest to do and, for the most part, succeed. I am by no means obsessive, but I generally stay away from refined carbs, sugar and processed food.

But, denying that there are some foods on the not so good list that bring enormous comfort and joy would be denying a part of myself. In fact, in my opinion, there are few things as good as fresh bread with butter and cheese.

This afternoon we were all home and gathered around the kitchen table with exactly that – a delicious loaf of bread, butter, cheese and some wine as an unexpected afternoon snack. It reminded me of how farm kitchens must’ve been in the good old days – the glue of the family – everyone gathering after a long day, brought together by scrumptious, wholesome food, made with love.

As much as we are, and should be careful about what we put in our mouths, there is much to say for good old comfort food every now and again. It is delicious, delightful and … comforting.

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