Nothing will push your buttons, raise your blood pressure and drive you over the edge as much as teenagers ever will. We are going through the exciting phase of teaching a 17-year old how to drive. This afternoon was the perfect time for a lesson through our quiet neighbourhood, so out came his learner’s licence to ensure we were well within the laws of the land.

BIG was my surprise when I noticed that this official document didn’t quite look like it did the last time I saw it. It was all crumpled up on the one side, and the photograph that was securely stapled and laminated was no longer there.

I was told with a ‘what’s your problem’ tone of voice that my sweet teenage son needed a photograph to apply to become a rageant (an agent to promote their rage, which is the end of school holiday in December). To say that I completely lost it, is an understatement of note.

He didn’t think about the fact that he’ll need this document when he actually goes for his driver’s licence. I asked him if he would cut his photo out of his passport, to which he of course answered no – why he thought that it would be okay to take this one, is beyond me.

In situations like this you realise that they actually just have no clue, even though they really do think that they have it all sorted out, and that they probably need to do stupid things like this to learn from their mistakes.

The sad reality is that I had an extra photograph, if only he’d asked, that he didn’t become the rageant for his school and that we now need to spend some hours at the Department of Transport to get this mess sorted out.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – being parents to teenagers are tricky and sticky at the best of times, but at least I know for sure that their brains are still developing and it’s confirmed that we as parents are much needed commodities.

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