What I’d like my children to remember me by the day that I’m no longer here to make a nuisance of myself, is to never forget how very blessed we are, to never take a moment or an opportunity for granted and to be truly grateful at all times.

We are so inclined to only compare ourselves to those with more – focussing on what we’d still like to achieve and strive towards.

As my work hours have become more flexible, I’ve committed to helping underprivileged six year old kids with literacy this year. Today was the first day being introduced to the children and what an absolutely wonderful experience.

I thought it would be gut wrenching working with kids in less privileged circumstances, but meeting these young angels was inspiring, uplifting and joyous.

Even though I know it is a cliché to say that I hope to teach them something but will end up learning more from them, I just know that is the way it will turn out.

How fortunate I am.

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