On the way to school this morning I found myself in an interesting bind with my teenage daughter. We disagreed about something so silly one can’t possibly repeat it, but as the tendency is with these sort of things, it snowballed into something much bigger in no time.

Before long she turned to me and said – I suggest you do you and I’ll do me. Now generally, I would fully support that statement. I believe that there is enough sun for all of us, that we should have enough tolerance to accommodate other belief systems and that we should be minding our own business actually.

But somehow, in the context and tone it was delivered, it just didn’t work for me. I pulled the car over and invited her to walk the rest of the way to school, because if I was going to be doing me, I would be driving in the exact opposite direction, walking my dogs in the park.

She was surprised and sort of amused at being caught at her own game, and the moment gave us both something to think about. But ultimately as parents we do our kids first, then let them do them and then potentially do a little for ourselves, with the lines between all these phases very blurred.

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