Never once have I regretted a good workout. Admittedly I don’t always feel like it, but I do always feel better once its done.

I started boxing about a year ago, and have loved it ever since. A session offers great cardio, strength and stamina work and covers the entire body from head to toe. Afterwards I am generally soaking wet and there is no doubt that I’ve engaged in some vigorous physically activity.

But some days are better than others – sometimes you get through it, dragging yourself down the stairs back to the car, only too grateful that you’ve made it.

And then on other days you feel strong from the get go – being able to skip for an entire round without stopping once, punishing the punching bags with meaning, weaving through the bags like a nimble gazelle and keeping up with every count of stomach exercises.

Those days are exhilarating and today was one of those. I work out regularly, but know that this feeling of strength and power only comes every so often, and need to be celebrated and appreciated when it does.

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