The ripple effect of the tropical storm Dineo that had devastating effects in parts of Mozambique, was a cloudy, windy and slightly chillier day in Johannesburg.

As part of the Saturday morning routine, I took the dogs for a walk first thing and found a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the view. The wind made its presence known by creating wavy ripples over the water of the lake and blew a restlessness into the trees that I haven’t seen or heard in a while.

I couldn’t help but think where this wind came from and the destruction it left on its way, to find me under a tree in a city many kilometers away at the tail end of its journey.

Ironically, sitting there listening to its loud whispers, looking at the branches swaying from left to right, I was overcome with a feeling of peace – even though mother nature had much to say.

It made me realise once again that no matter how much we think we have it all figured out, we really are at the mercy of something much bigger than ourselves and that every day truly is a blessing.

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