The roundtrip getting my son back to boarding school takes the best part of Sunday afternoon. He sees an extra Afrikaans tutor before heading back, which extends the duration of the journey somewhat.

To say that I look forward to this trip would not be true. We all feel pretty lazy after Sunday lunch and would prefer an afternoon nap rather than hours on the road, but, there is much good in anything if only you choose to see it.

We mostly find comfort in silence, the scenery and his playlist. Listening to his tunes – which are not exactly mainstream radio hits – offers me a little insight into his world of music.

Then there’s the arrival at the school and grounds that are magnificent without a doubt, but even these impressive buildings fade into the background after a while. This afternoon I took a moment just to rediscover how special and beautiful they really are.

These trips will soon be a thing of the past, so instead of looking up to spending the best part of Sunday afternoon on the road, I will be looking for moments that make these hours memorable, like the many I found this afternoon.

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