On the evenings that my husband work at the restaurant, the routine at home is a little different. I would normally watch a program or two with him on tele, but when he’s not around I wouldn’t dare be unfaithful and go ahead on my own, so I don’t even switch it on.

Instead, I’d have a long bath and settle into bed for an early night – either with a book, or, in tonight’s case, with some music, a candle and an incense stick – the perfect combination as far as I’m concerned.

Listening to songs from way back when – like Julia Fordham, whom I had on repeat constantly during varsity days, Tracy Chapman, my first live concert and who’s ever since remained on top of my list, and then, of course, the ever faithful Coldplay.

They’re my little black dress of music – when I’m unsure of what, they’re it. I’ve always enjoyed their music, but recently rediscovered my Coldplay love, and find myself back there without even thinking about it – it’s like a default setting.

I suppose all I can say is thank you for early music nights, candles and incense sticks, and, of course, for the likes of Julia, Tracy and Chris who entertain us endlessly with the talent they so generously share.

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