For the youngest child, a ten year age gap between you and your siblings means that you actually have very different lives growing up. By the time I started coming into my own, they’d already left home.

Fast forward a couple of years, it also means that a sibling’s home can become your home. Due to circumstance, I moved in with my gorgeous sister very soon after she got married to her husband, whom I’ve known since I was eight and who really is like a brother to me. I felt very lucky…them, on the other hand, probably not so much.

Being the parent of two teenage children, I know now that it could not have been easy, yet I never for one moment felt anything but welcome and loved every day I was with them.

Those years are long gone now, yet she is like a homecoming to me. Not only is her home my safe space, but so is she. When I’m with her, everything just feels right. She knows me better than anyone, understands what pushes my buttons and is the glue to our family.

Today is this very special lady’s 50th birthday and my wish for her is happiness, joy, peace, contentment and the knowledge that she changes lives – she most definitely changed mine and for that I am so grateful.

Happy birthday and I love you – I feel so blessed being the sister of someone as amazing as you.


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