This past week the weather has been positively miserable – fabulous if you’re able to stay indoors drinking hot chocolate, cuddle up in front of a fire or watch a movie, but for those who’ve had to continue as normal, it’s been cold and wet.

The first day of rain was very welcome, but after a couple of days the wet settles into your bones and there is a permanent chill around your shoulders. It is also a reminder that winter is lurking just around the corner.

But then, there are the comfort providers that remind us that everything will be okay – a hot bath, a cuddle with your furry friends under the blanket and, as was the case this evening, a delicious plate of pasta.

This flavoursome dish gives warmth from the inside out, and even though it’s become a big no-no on most healthy food lists, I can’t thank the Italians enough for this brilliant innovation we can rely on every time a little comfort is required.

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