This entire week the rainy weather made me wanting to stay in snuggling on the couch watching movies. Today there was nothing on the agenda, and apart from taking a dry gap to walk the dogs, that is exactly what I’ve done.

Being an avid Ellen fan, I caught up on a few of her latest episodes. One of her guests was a head mistress of an underprivileged school. For the kids in this particular school, life is hard, and going to college is only but a dream. So when Ellen gave away a four year scholarship to each kid in the senior year, there was not a dry eye in the house.

This made me think of my own kids and how they take the opportunities in their lives for granted, but also of myself. Being privileged we sometimes think that the next opportunity will just present itself. But what if one day it doesn’t – would I be able to look back and say that I’ve made the most of every opportunity that came my way?

In The Devil wears Prada there is a scene where Anne Hathaway’s character feels very sorry for hersef, to which her colleague, Stanley Tucci says: “Wake up sweetheart – there are a million girls who would kill to be in your position.”

I feel a bit like taking stock of my own life – realising that I am so much better off than so many who would kill to be in my position, and that it is my duty and responsibility to make sure that I make the most of every opportunity that comes my way, because even though we believe that another opportunity will present itself, opportunities missed are exactly that – missed.

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