As a kid, whenever I got a new pair of shoes or clothing, I would put it on immediately and try it with as many outfits as possible, and I would feel like a million bucks.

Today I felt like this again. Going shopping for training shoes for my daughter – which, I have to add, we eventually got – I got sidetracked by a pair of very cool, retro like trainers with my name all over it.

When my daughter commented that she would love to borrow them sometime, I was overtaken by a ‘don’t you dare’ reaction and from that moment, I was hooked.

As adults we seem to be a little more practical about our purchases, and this feeling was definitely a blast from the past. So much so, that when I got home, I put them on and kept them on the entire evening – even though I normally can’t wait to get out of my shoes.

Even though I would be the first to say that we should never be defined by our stuff, feeling this level of excitement took me to a happy place I was very grateful to enjoy – just like being a teenager again.

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