Day one of the highly anticipated Design Indaba is, for me, done and dusted. There is a full evening programme still, but honestly, I am so bombed after a full day of conference, I am ready to hit my pillow hard.

I overheard one of the delegates – a pretty successful businessman – saying that he finds it a very humbling experience, because whatever he’d achieved in his life and career seems so insignificant in comparison to some of the speakers, who literally are changing the world.

The entire day was awe inspiring, and to recap everything is impossible, but some of my personal highlights were the life you love, 2. strive for a workday where you happen to work, not the other way around, 3. what 3 words? (an app where every three square metres in the world has a unique three word combination, giving people living in remote areas such as our townships and Brazil’s Favelas their first address).

And the way that music has the ability to heal by means of relieving pain, stress and anxiety. In fact, I am about to put on music through my i-phone that syncs to my heartbeat (through, designing me a personal relaxation tune before heading off to dreamland.

I could not have asked for a better and more inspiring day. I consider myself incredibly fortunate and I am so grateful



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