Extracting yourself from reality for three full days doesn’t often happen. Sitting in a room, listening to one inspiring presenter after the next – not worrying about being anywhere other than exactly where you are, is a royal treat.

There were many a sentiment that resonated, but my utmost favourite was TL Uglow, the creative director at Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney – not because her presentation was the most elaborate from everything I saw, but because I just fell in love with her – with her wit, her mind, her thoughts.

I loved how she turned doubt – which in our linear world of binaries is usually regarded as the enemy – into our friend. Explaining that real growth comes from doubt – that doubt is cool and the most interesting part of being alive.

She talked about the formal vs transcendent process – the way we like to label and compartmentalise everything in order to make sense of it – wrong or right, black or white, good or bad. But ultimately people and situations are multi-dimensional and can’t be pegged.

She further noted (in much more detail and with hysterical humour), that context changes content, that reality is highly fallible and that there are things we know, things we don’t know, and that everything in between is only perception.

And then the grand finale was that we should take time to consider the what and the why – time in the world of instant gratification, what a novelty. I was literally at the edge of my seat for the entire talk – and was sad when it was done.

To my very generous sponsor, thank you so much for sending me up, up and away into the clouds for the past few days – I appreciate it so very much, more than words can ever say.

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