With Lent having started a few days ago, I’ve heard a few people mention the things they’ve given up. Now I don’t follow a particular religion, but I do think that consciously giving up a few bad habits for a period of 40 days must change behaviour. So, even though I’m a bit late in the joining, I’d like to include myself.

I’ve thought long and hard about the things I’m giving up and finally made my decision based on the fact that without these, my life would be better off.

First up is alcohol – I love a glass of wine at night, but truth is, I’d prefer to let it go. Second is YouTube – now this is an interesting one, but I find I watch one thing and before I know it I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, wasting lots of time I’d prefer to spend productively. Then, the last one is gossiping – this one I’ve been working on for quite some time, but I’ve now come to the decision that if I can’t have a conversation with someone that doesn’t include another person, I’ll opt for silence instead.

So there it is – and off we go!

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