Around 10 years ago I was given a little book, entitled ‘We are here to learn’, with beautiful and simple explanations of the life lessons we’ll come across this  journey called life.

Over the years different messages have stood out, but I would often just open a page and start reading, knowing that wherever it opens is meant for me in that particular moment.

This morning I did the same, and was reminded of a very beautiful and powerful thought which is so true. This is what it said.

Where your energy are, there you are. Remain anchored in the presence, because this is the time and space of all possibilities and creative forces. You do not create in the past, and neither do you create in the future – you create now.

Be disciplined and keep watch over your thoughts. If your thoughts are in the past, time passes you by and your life with it – you never learn, create or change anything – guard against being a ‘past addict’.

As for the future, know that it will take care of itself. The future is what you are making  of now. Realise that your present was created yesterday and that your now is creating tomorrow.

Come to the now and hold it forever. From this place you can really be, live, learn, change, create and flow.

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