Since we’ve moved into our new home, our garden has also seen some slow but steady progress. I can only imagine what it must be like to get a landscaper in and redo the entire garden all in one go, but alas – we’ve had to tackle smaller sections at a time.

The initial idea for the pavement was vygies, which is exactly what we’ve planted there – I imagined them dense and thick, flaunting some little purple flowers in spring like so many other pavements around town.

What we didn’t anticipate, was that a family of grey go-away birds would be feasting on the juicy succulent leaves – they literally stand on the ground waiting for the poor plants to break ground, and boom – gone. So instead of a beautiful, lush strip of green welcoming us home, we are greeted by a dust bowl with a few sticks above the ground.

So today we visited the nursery and got some ground cover to rid ourselves of the red desert look. The feathered family probably won’t approve, but I guess we all have different reasons for being.

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