My family is not the type of family where things are done in a particular way because it’s always been done that way and because it’s family tradition. We’re not a very sentimental bunch, and even though I’m close to my parents and siblings, I have little contact with the extended family. For no reason other than the fact that we live in different cities and that life is busy for all of us.

We don’t have a family business that’s been around for generations, and we don’t have a family farm where the entire family gather over Christmas. But there is a bench that my father’s great grandfather’s father carved – which my grandfather inherited and passed onto my dad. He’s had to downscale significantly, and lots of his furniture was sold – but not the bench.

Long story short, the bench arrived at my home today, and even though my furniture is mostly modern, I welcomed it with open arms. It immediately found a place on the patio at the entrance of our home – so in a way I feel it very apt that my ancestors created a presence right there at my front door, protecting us in this home.

In time the cushion will change, but having a little reminder of those who came before you is actually really lovely.




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