When I think of my mom as a kid, some of the things I remember are her piano sounds filling our home, her black hair always done in a French roll, her sitting on the pavilion Saturday after Saturday supporting my sports in the freezing cold, her love for a brisk walk, her incredible lithe figure and her fabulous sense of style.

When I think about her today, what I think of is love. Her love for us children and grandchildren and her love for life. Everything is embraced with an enthusiasm unlike any other. Whether it is a quick cup of coffee, a Sunday drive or a holiday away, every moment is a highlight in her eyes.

Today the black French roll is a silver gray one, the lithe figure is a little fuller and the brisk walk has slowed down somewhat. But what has stayed the same is the generous and kind woman that she is.

As an adult, I have the ability to understand that life is not necessarily easy when you’re grown up, even though as a kid you expect your parents to have it all figured out. In fact, I know now that you very rarely have it all figured out, and that we mostly make it up as we go along.

As kids we are harsh, but I am grateful that I got to really know her for who she is over the years. Happy birthday mom. May it be a fabulous year and may there be many, many more.

I love you.



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