I’ve had the pleasure of hosting a varsity friend from out of town this evening. With her being a chef, we made dinner plans at a well known restaurant.

It is amazing how with some people you literally just pick up where you last left off. It’s probably been close to two years since I last saw her, yet it felt like we had a natter over a cup of tea just yesterday.

Dinner was amazing, and we enjoyed the food and the wine enormously, but the best part of the evening was to reminisce and catch up on all the news.

A few years ago our lives were completely intertwined, yet, today it is worlds apart. The fabulous realisation is, however, that something good can continue with no neediness attached – with no need to turn it into something that it’s not.

We both love each other dearly, and seeing each other every so often is a tonic for us both. But we also understand that we both have lives far apart, and there is no unrealistic expectation either way. So, thank you for a fabulous time, until next time.

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