The presence of winter is getting stronger and stronger every day. Whether it will be a harsh one or not, I’m not sure, but what I do know is that the days are becoming more and more chilly.

Finding a warm spot in the sun to bake like a lizard brings enormous comfort, I find. It’s like taking off pants that are too tight, or sinking into a comfortable chair after a day on your feet – it brings an instant feeling of relief.

Those were the exact thoughts of my little furry friend late this afternoon. In fact, he was so mesmerised by the rays that his eyes were closed, head hanging slightly forward, transported to a far away, blissful place.

This will be my first winter in this home, and I’m eager to get to know all the sunny spots. Tea breaks should definitely¬†be complemented by some warm rays soaking into my skin.

At least I know I have a very reliable assistant, who seems very capable to be leading the way.


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