We have a family wedding coming up in a week’s time, and of course we are all planning our outfits for the very special occasion.

I prefer not to buy anything as I don’t really wear formal clothing much any more, so I scrambled through my cupboard, and finally put together an outfit I though could work.

Very excitedly, I shared this with my daughter last night. She said that she liked the shirt, but that I should reconsider the skirt. I then shared the same outfit with my sister today, who said that she liked the skirt, but that I should perhaps rethink the shirt.

I actually laughed out loud at that moment, and I realised once again that an opinion honestly is like a backside – everyone has one, and that the only one that ultimately matters is your own.

So, unless I’m overcome with inspiration by another outfit, the skirt and shirt that I thought would work is what it will be.


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