Knowing when enough is enough is not a quality that my children easily show. Fortunately, I know that they are not alone and that they share this trait with most teenagers their age. A coffee turns into a shopping trip turns into a movie turns into dinner turns into a sleepover and so it goes on and on.

Both my son and daughter had exceptionally busy weekends, with both of them pushing to have even more on the agenda for this evening. I have, however, become immune to the fact that me saying no makes me very unpopular for a while, so I say it and deal with the temporary unhappy consequences.

I’ve realised that no may potentially be the most important answer that parents of teenagers can give their nearly grown up children – purely because they desperately want to be a part of the action and they don’t know when to switch off. Unlike little ones who fall asleep eventually, teenagers will just keep going.

So seeing them both fast asleep, exhausted from two busy days, early on a Sunday night gives me a warm fuzzy feeling – I’m happy that I stuck to my guns as I sometimes know these children better than they know themselves, and I can’t help but think – told you so.


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