It’s sometimes a bit surreal how life just seems to continue as normal after traumatic events. It may continue in slow motion at first, with disbelief and wonder, but then very soon the pace picks up and it seems like nothing ever happened.

When those traumatic events affect an entire country, however, a better way of describing the ripple effect is a dipping out of the surreal, and back into real life.

On the one hand I am both stunned and very concerned about the latest shenanigans of our president – stunned at the fact that one man actually has the power to single handedly make these sort of decisions, and concerned that actions even at this level will not be bad enough to finally get him to step down.

Then on the other hand, I drop and fetch kids, go to gym, walk the dogs, run my business and have a cup of tea in the exact manner I did before.

People seem to be divided about the outcome – there are the hopefuls, believing that this was the final straw, breaking the camel’s back and that he will be forced out with a vote of no confidence, and others believe that this is just another in the string of ridiculous fiascos he’s managed to get away with.

I remain positive that the hopefuls are right in this instance.

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