The most unexpected three words from a stranger walking in my direction in the street while talking on his phone, completely made my day.

As we walked past each other, he briefly stopped his conversation and said ‘You look gorgeous’. I was completely caught off guard – firstly because I am definitely not his type as I’m much older and not quite as trendy, even though I’d love to be, and secondly because it was literally in passing, as he went straight back to his conversation.

I replied with a ‘wow, thank you so much’, probably making the entire interaction no more than five seconds, but even though it was a moment in time between two complete strangers, it stayed with me for the rest of the afternoon.

Whether this is his usual modus operandi, or if there really was something he thought was nice, who knows. But what I do know is that a five second interaction can make someone’s day – and as this man so kindly made mine, I hope to find the opportunity to pay it forward by complimenting someone else when they expect it least.


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