Every now and again my trainer has an Oprah moment – deep and profound – so much so that even the queen of talk can’t touch him.  All you want to do is stop whatever you’re doing … and say Bravo!

They usually come out of the blue in response to something that was said, and even though I’m teasing a little, what he says always is incredibly thought provoking and inspiring.

This morning he observed how quick we are to point out whatever we’re not happy with and would like to change about our bodies. And that this is sadly in accordance with the pressures that modern society have prescribed – with thin seemingly being it for a while now.

But we forget that our bodies are nothing but a miracle – it is magnificent and the vehicle that gives us life. So our thoughts towards our bodies should be that of awe and gratitude. The dialogue we should have with ourselves about ourselves should be of praise and celebration.

Wanting to be the best version of ourselves is of course great, but there is a fine line between encouraging ourselves to do so and beating ourselves up because we’re just not cutting it – excuse the pun.

The dialogue I am choosing to have with my amazing self going forward is one of gratitude – giving myself permission to make the desired changes, but most importantly honouring my amazing body for what it gives me – the wonderful experience of life.


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