I would like to think of myself of someone who is conscious about taking time out, yet it is incredible how we become programmed to make every moment count. Time is precious and doing absolutely nothing doesn’t sit comfortably.

Today was the day after a long night of dancing and celebrations at a family wedding. My plan was to join the early morning boxing class and then come back to a few hours of work. When the alarm went off, however, it just wasn’t in me to get up and get going.

A late morning became an entire day of vegging with my daughter. It was fabulous, but even so, I couldn’t help but think of a few things I could tick off my to-do list. There definitely was an underlying feeling that the day was wasted.

I realised that being busy becomes second nature – that we create an expectation of ourselves to constantly deliver on something.

So every now and again, shutting down without planning to do so – obeying when the body begs – is actually a necessity. Knowing that it probably enables us to tick off that never ending to-do list.


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