It is a well known fact that the world of a teenager is tiny, with them right at the centre of their own minuscule little universe.

When you need to deal with the attitude that comes with that mindset, however, being the bigger person – the adult – is very difficult. You know what you’re dealing with, you know to expect it, but yet when it presents itself it’s very difficult not to react.

In my experience, the best thing to do is to walk away and count to ten, because if you actually had to get into it, you’d probably say things you’ll regret. Trying to reason with an all knowing, entitled teenager is probably worse than trying to tell a drunk person they’ve had one too many or trying to convince someone to change their political views – it just won’t happen.

So, making peace with the fact that parents are the worse people known to mankind, walking away from an immature argument sticking to your guns means that you’ve won the battle and that for one more day you’ve managed not to rise to the occasion.


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