The sinking feeling you get when you realize you’ve misplaced something precious is one of the worst imaginable. Your heart skips a beat and everything goes cold in disbelief.

I was given a gorgeous bangle by my husband very recently (as in a few days ago) and I could not find it this morning. Even worse, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the last time I saw it. Between being away for the weekend, traveling and unpacking it could literally have been anywhere.

I anxiously searched my entire house, phoned my sister whom I travelled with, called the lodge we stayed at, but with no luck. I even called the jeweler to find out how long it would take to replace it – and keep it our secret of course.

It was a conversation I was not prepared to have – not because it is so precious and can’t be replaced and also not because my hubby is such a monster that it would be an issue at all, but purely because it felt utterly disrespectful and ungrateful losing something so beautiful literally after a few days.

The relief I felt when my beloved angel of a domestic worker walked into the kitchen with it in her hand this afternoon was indescribable. She found it in the grass underneath the washing line, where it must’ve fallen off after doing a few loads yesterday afternoon upon my return.

I would never have looked there – but I suppose life teaches us over and over again, whenever or wherever you expect it least, that’s where you’ll find it.


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