This is the first winter in our new home and the time has come to find out just how chilly the rooms will be at night and discover the best spots to bake in the late afternoon sun.

The house gets sun for most part of the day which definitely plays a role, but the days are changing fast and there is a change in temperature without a doubt – so blinds come down and doors are closed in the late afternoon in an attempt to keep the heat inside.

It certainly is the plan to install a fireplace, and it would’ve been lovely to do this year, but budget unfortunately doesn’t allow for it just yet. Instead, my husband surprised me with the arrival of a gorgeous new carpet for the dining room.

It completely changes the look and feel of the entire room and the extra half a meter in comparison to the carpet that was there before is the difference between the back legs of the chairs at the ends of the table hanging off and fitting comfortably.

The new arrival also gave our bedroom a facelift, as the old carpet moved in there. Amazingly it also completely changed that space – all of a sudden it is comfortable, snug and warm underfoot.

So even though we’re not quite cozying up to the crackle of a log fire, the dining room and bedroom are preparing for the winter ahead with the new carpets at the base.


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