Photo by Morne van Jaarsveld

Not having everything you want doesn’t mean you can’t love your life. This is a difficult concept for a frustrated parent to explain to a demanding teenager when shopping for clothes.

But actually, it is so profound once you grasp it – and whether or not we ever truly grasp it, I’m not sure. As I explained it to her – thinking that it was something I understood – I had an aha moment myself, realising that I also sometimes fall into the trap of wanting more, wondering how my life would be different if I only had something else.

For me it’s not so much material things, but I sometimes catch myself thinking – if only I could work on that project, or imagine being able to do a course on that. But it comes back to the exact same principle.

And I’m not advocating settling for second best – absolutely not. I think we owe it to ourselves to constantly seek out the best opportunities for ourselves. But where I draw the line is when I start getting the feeling that my life just isn’t good enough. Because actually my life is wonderful, with everything I have, and everything I don’t have.

Learning to love what you have and being truly grateful for it – for everything you have and everything you think you may want, but don’t – is a massive and important lesson to learn in life. So when it starts as a – the expensive grey top is not an option, choose from the other ones – followed by a lecture, I suppose it is a good start and a good reminder.

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